3 Easy Tips For Beating Negativity With God’s Help

Negativity can become a safety blanket if you aren’t careful, it’s important to know how you are going to tackle it before you find yourself wrapped up in it.  When I received a Graham Cooke email (Brilliant Perspectives) about overcoming negativity I thought it was a great opportunity to share these 3 easy tips and introduce you to his great mind and inspiration.

“A mind set on the negative will kill everything it touches. It is hostile towards God and leads to death.” – Graham Cooke

#1: Ditch The Trash Talk Right From The Start

Not every thought is from your own mind, the enemy we need to watch is a spirit and can sound like your own thoughts.  Keeping a careful watch on the thoughts that come through will give you the opportunity to identify those you don’t want to agree with.  I’ll talk about how you can embrace God’s thoughts in #3.  Just because a thought crosses your mind doesn’t mean you have to give it a home.

This takes practice and really getting down to evaluating whether or not any particular thought represents the person you want to be.  Who cares about who you’ve been, who other people think you are or even who you think you are.  What really matters is the person you want to be and making the small or large adjustments in your thoughts to aim for that goal.

Just because a thought crosses your mind doesn’t mean you have to give it a home.

#2: Don’t Wait For Your Feelings To Line Up

Emotions come and go, they don’t always mean something this is where you have control over whether or not to own them.  Many things influence your emotions but let’s not allow a bad lunch ruin your marriage.    There comes a point in time when you can do better.  Not just taking control but participating in God’s rest.

“Every time we experience a negative, it is an opportunity to be led by the Spirit and dwell in the place that God has set aside for us.”  – Graham Cooke

This is where you acknowledge the emotion is there but make a decision to partner with God regardless.  You may feel horrible, it may be the worst day of your life.  But what have you got to lose?  What if you, acknowledge how you feel, maybe even give yourself permission to feel that way and then invite God to take control?

If you wait for your feelings to line up and help you feel better you do two things: A) you give those negative feelings permission to grow and B) you encourage a habit of staying comfortable in your very own negative security blanket.

Acknowledge how you feel, maybe even give yourself permission to feel that way and then invite God to take control.

#3: Have A God Thought At Your Fingertips

As I mentioned earlier, not all the thoughts that pass through your mind are your own.  Some are from God.  These can be separated by knowing Him: He’s not condemning, He gives you His peace, He loves you, He’s a provider and He gives you rest.  If a thought doesn’t line up with Him being a good God, it’s not from Him, that’s how easy it is.  It’s going to take practice and taking the time to get to know His ways by reading the stories in His word.

But let’s talk about what you can do in the heat of the moment.  Maybe it’s been a grueling day at work or you just got fired, what do you do next?  Don’t wait for an emotional emergency to try to think rationally.  Have a scripture ready: put it on your phone, keep it in your wallet or purse, wear it as a piece of jewelry or hang it on a wall.

I think this is so important I prepared a quick explanation on how to get yourself setup for this in Your 1:Minute Power Prayer.  You can either click over to the post or when you sign up for my newsletter (Fresh Connection) you receive a copy instantly.

If a thought doesn’t line up with Him being a good God, it’s not from Him, that’s how easy it is.

Please share what you think about these 3 tips on beating negativity, I’d love to hear from you, in the comments below.  If you’d like to read the article Graham Cooke wrote on this you can find it here, he’s been a great mentor to me as I’ve read his works and heard him speak over the years.

7 Ways God Helps You Rid Yourself of Crushing Stress

7 Ways To Free Yourself From StressLet’s be honest, we all find ourselves falling prey to stress in at least one area of life, why not figure out how to get God’s help.  Although, if you’re like me it could be a few more than just one.  And since everyone deals with stress differently I thought it would be best to gather multiple methods to help you.

You are free to pick and choose, glean nuggets of wisdom from each or mix it up a little and try a different scripture for each area you have stress.  That is unless you are one of those lucky people that don’t have much to be stressed about, unlike myself.  In which case, you may be in the wrong place.

Don’t worry the list isn’t so long as to cause you distress over the amount of time it will take to get through it.  But if you find yourself in a quandry, when you get to end there is Prayer Triage.  A sort of diagnostic tool to figure out where you are and point you in the direction depending on the level of stress you are in.

I hope you enjoy the fruits of my gathering and I hope you let me know either way in the comments at the end.

  1. Don’t Let Stress Get the Best of You

    Leverage the word of God to empower your thoughts and develop a stress defense shield.  Joyce explains how pursuing the peace only Jesus can offer will be your ticket to taking control.


  2. God Helps You Stop Stressing Over Your Circumstances

    It’s easy to get caught up in seeking rest in places other than God, meditating on His goodness can bring you back.  Drawing from God will awaken your heart and lead you to His powerful presence.



  3. Why God Doesn’t Want You Stressed Out and Worried


  4. Only God Can De-Stress Your Soul Other Paths Don’t Last

    Nothing wrong with using movies, a hobby, sports or even church to unwind and re-focus but only God can give you inner peace and rest for your soul.


  5. Power Prayer That Keeps You Focused On God’s Word CanGot time for a minute with the Lord? Here's how to spend it to make the most of your time.
    Help Relieve Stress

    It only takes a minute to stop and say this quick, prayer that can help you crush stress before it takes hold.  Plus a life hack to help you remember His promises.


  6. God’s Promises To Help Weary Christians Conquer Stress

    June Hunt, founder of the worldwide biblical counseling ministry Hope For The Heart, shares five promises (scriptures) God made to help you conquer stress.


  7. Prayer Triage: Find Your Prayer Prescription

    Find Your Prayer Prescription

    Do you find yourself flailing to find the words to pray when you are under a lot of stress?  Based on the urgency of your current need, the list below will take you to resources that can help you figure out what to pray, how to pray and how to keep yourself connected to God.


Prayer Triage: Find Your Prayer Prescription

Prayer Triage- Find Your Prayer PrescriptionDo you find yourself flailing to find the words to pray when you are under a lot of stress?  Based on the urgency of your current need, the list below will take you to resources that can help you figure out what to pray, how to pray and how to keep yourself connected to God.  You’ll find resources like the Emergency Prayer Kit, when you need help right now, the Strength Building Tool, keeps you going for the long haul and Your 1:Minute Power Prayer, easy to do and keeps you connected to the Lord.

What Is Your Level of “God Help Me” On A Scale of 1 to 5?

5.  It’s an emergency, you need God right away!  Head straight over to The Emergency Prayer Kit – Help For When You Are Crying Out “God Help Me!”

4.  Life is stressful for you, maybe a stressful situation popped up at work and you need help staying connected, preferably something easy, that doesn’t take a lot of time.  Introducing… Your 1:Minute Power Prayer.

3.  You are under some stress but you really just want something to keep you centered and focused on His love.  Then “Good Mind Food” might work for you, it is a collection of encouraging bible verses.

2.  There is ongoing, long-term stress, you didn’t think was going to take as long as it has to get through or you can just tell, you are in for a long haul.  You should consider the Strength Building Tool, it’s 30 days of emails that help you locate potential stumbling blocks that may actually be contributing to your stress.  At the same time, you’ll be receiving all sorts of ways to connect with Lord on a deeper, more personal level.

 1.  You don’t have an urgent situation but there are things on your mind that give you some concern.  Maybe it’s how to pray that concerns you or the whole idea of praying to God either way, it sounds like subscribing to The Fresh Connection would be the right choice for you.

You’ll get answers to common questions about praying, explore ways to get God involved in your life, discover whether memorizing scriptures is really the best thing for you and debunk the myth about praying “enough.”  To sign up click on the box below, fill in your email address in the box down below this post and click “Sign Me Up!”


Your 1 Minute Power Prayer

Do you need a way to pray that infuses God’s power Got time for a minute with the Lord? Here's how to spend it to make the most of your time.into your life without the stress of what to say or guilt for not praying enough?  If you ever find yourself putting off praying until you have “enough” time or until you can find the “right” verse then you may want to give this a try.  Maybe your prayers aren’t as effective as you’d like them to be, the truth is your prayer life shouldn’t be stressful or bring guilt and shame.  Read on to find out why it’s not your fault.

It’s hard to hear those people that seem to have all the prayer time in the world or at least seem to be getting better results without at least wondering what you’re doing wrong.  It doesn’t make sense that your relationship with the Lord would make you feel worse.  Would a loving God and Father really want you to be stressed out about talking to Him? Of course not.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change all of that and actually feel good about your relationship with the King of kings?  You see, as I said earlier, it’s not your fault if you don’t fit someone else’s perfect prayer mold.  You were made to be unique and special, that’s not a bad thing, the bible says you are wonderfully and marvelously made by Him!

Here is what people have said about this powerful prayer:

“Wow that’s fantastic!! I love [Your 1:Minute Power Prayer]. Short, easy to consume, powerful!!” Diego L.

“I love how unintimidating it is to do.” Venisha M.

Life demands a lot from you, finding the time to connect with the Lord, align your thoughts with His and allowing Him to renew your strength, is vital.  That’s why I’m trying to help you, by putting together a power packed prayer that can be easily done anywhere.  When you need to change it up, that’s easy to do too.  I’ve taken the work out of finding scriptures that will encourage and strengthen you in the Lord.  Then I included a life hack that I personally use to remind me to take a minute out of my day, whenever I can, to pray.

Your 1:Minute Power Prayer was written to help you conquer common hurdles to your prayer time such as:

  • No more worrying about having the right words to pray.
  • Doesn’t require memorizing or finding scriptures.
  • Not having enough time? This only takes a minute!
  • No need to be alone, this can be done anywhere!

And when you enter your email below you’ll also receive The Fresh Connection, it’s the HFW weekly newsletter.  Discover whose prayer’s the Lord loves to answer and what it takes to hit His special attention list!

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Help For When You Are Crying Out “God Help Me!”

God Help Me!

If you are crying out for God to help you, take heart, because you’re in the right place.  For me, this usually leads to an “I’ll be honest…” moment where I come clean with God about my real feelings of fear and lack of faith.  It’s a point of desperation and, while I can’t say that I know what you are going through, I can say that I understand being at the place where God is the only one that can help.  If you are at that point, I’m going to walk your through some faith first aid that will give you peace and room to breathe.

Building an Emergency Prayer Kit should really be done ahead of time, but if you’re here that’s likely not the case.  Don’t worry, I’ll help you through it  and we’ll get through it together, by the time you finish reading this blog post you’ll be well on your way.

Supply List For An Emergency Prayer Kit

  1. Friends that will pray for you,
  2. Your 1:Minute Power Prayer ebook,
  3. Something physical to hold on to,
  4. And a list of things God has done for you.

#1 Friends That Will Pray For You

List five people that will pray for you, seriously if you are doing this because you are needing help right now just list two.  They can be friends, family, co-workers, pastors or members of a prayer network. It doesn’t matter as long as you have peace that they will pray.  You should list their name and phone number.

  1. __________________________________     _______________
  2. __________________________________     _______________
  3. __________________________________     _______________
  4. __________________________________     _______________
  5. __________________________________     _______________

One Minute Prayer Guide Cover Pic#2 Your 1:Minute Power Prayer ebook

If you don’t already have a copy of this, all you need to do is enter your email in the sidebar on the right to sign up for our weekly newsletter and you’ll receive a copy for free. Don’t lose hope, these are easy prayers that can be done anywhere and the book takes care of finding the right scriptures and knowing what to pray.

#3 Something Physical To Hold On To

Have something physical to hold; a necklace, a bookmark, a pencil with a scripture, it really doesn’t matter what it is. This helps your subconscious part of your brain settle down, it’s something you’ve likely done without thinking since birth.  So if there is a person you can hug or a pet you can hold that will work.

I run into prayer emergencies everywhere, so if you are doing this ahead of time or coming back around to get better prepared for next time, here’s a tip: keep something to hold onto everywhere.  Make them inconspicuous, my favorite thing to do is to build the support I need into my life.  The cross hanging above my mantle has my favorite scripture and my front door is red. I have different necklaces that remind me of different scriptures but nobody else would be able to tell and I once had a silver rose ring to remind me of the relationship I have with the Lord.  At work my coffee cup has an encouraging scripture and I have a daily verse calendar that sits on my desk.

My point is, you can do this and it doesn’t have to be a massive “I Love Jesus” sign.  This is personal, between you and Him, think about what is special and what reminds you that He loves you, He wants to help and He’s in control.

#4 A List of Things God Has Done For You

Make a list of things God has done for you. Thinking of things you can be thankful for will work as well. Here are some ideas to get you started…

He paid a bill for you or cleared a debt.

He got you to the right interview/meeting/place/situation.

He showed you how to appreciate someone in a whole new way.

He delivered you from pain/fear/a big red hairy monster.

He called you by your name or spoke to you in a very personal way that made you feel special.

  1. __________________________________     _______________
  2. __________________________________     _______________
  3. __________________________________     _______________
  4. __________________________________     _______________
  5. __________________________________     _______________

That’s it for the basic Emergency Prayer Kit. Congratulations, you made it through!  If this is a time for you where you need to put this into action, please stop here and start from #1 by calling and asking for prayer.  Then move to #2, it’s a pdf file so you can download it and read it on your phone.  And so on, you’ve done all the work and hopefully it’s encouraged you in the process but now it’s time to go back and put it into action.

Upgrading Your Emergency Prayer Kit

If you are doing this for the first time or coming back wanting to add a little here are some suggestions:

  • If there is a song that helps calm you down and focus on His goodness, listen to that instead. One of my favorites is “My Redeemer Lives.”
  • Having a place to go to, if you can get away, whether it be mentally or physically.
  • Make a list of encouraging scriptures that can help you focus on what the Lord can do.

If you have other ideas I would love to hear them, you can email me at shareyourstory@hisfinishedwork(dot)com, and/or for you to share them in the comments below.

3 Take Home Messages To Teach Your Kids About God

I don’t know about you but our lives are crazy busy and, even with church, my husband and I know we need to instill core ideas about God in our children. Many of the sayings and ideas we have swimming around in our minds come from what we heard as a child. They’ve proven this with money and school, the same is true about God.

At some point, my husband and I sat down together, and decided on three main ideas about God that we will actively seek to embed into our children’s minds. They may seem simple but they had to meet our “stand the test of time” criteria, they had to be “major,” encompass more than one concept, and help our children be successful.

#1: God loves you no matter what.

Our family has undergone so many rough times and changes that if anything is consistent they need to know God loves them. We wanted them to know whether they were in trouble or Daddy was away, they were still completely and utterly loved. We have a blended family, my husband is the step-dad to my two sons and we’ve found that their interpretation about whether or not he is angry is related to their understanding of his love for them.

This is also a self confidence booster and relaxing thought to know that no matter what mistakes may have been made His love wasn’t dependent on them getting it right.

#2: God wants good things for you.

Going through the loss of my mom and the divorce from their dad my children have needed an anchor that let them know God didn’t want them to hurt. Teaching them God wants good things for them helps them not to attribute every bad thing that happens to His plan for their lives, that’s simply not true. The bible says He wants good things for us.

“Bad” is relative and subject to interpretation, how many times have you thought something was bad only to find out later it was really good for you? Teaching them God wants good things for them shields them from the rejection and condemnation that can come from having bad things happen in life.

It creates an expectation of good things that encourages them to look for and step out to receive good into their lives. That may be a gift, a spouse or a promotion, whatever it is I want our children to feel qualified to receive it.

Recently a friend told me a story about their child that feels entitled to get whatever he wants and has abused his parents trust to the point they had to ask him to leave.  I don’t know these people well enough to speak to any factors that may have contributed.  Feeling entitled to receive isn’t a bad thing but outside of godly wisdom it can turn into a bad thing.

#3: God is always with you.

We want our children to feel safe and supported, we can’t always be there so they one they should truly rely on is the Lord. When they are having bad dreams or just get scared we can pray for them or reassure them He’s there.  In life we have to face people and places that can seem scary or overwhelming. Knowing you have a protector and a friend with you, and going ahead of you to make things good, is a healthy reassurance.

Those are ours and we take the time to infuse them into our daily lives, conversations and bedtime hugs. Hopefully this will encourage you to come up with your own and be intentional about what your kids take with them about God into adulthood.

God Bless!

It would be awesome to hear what you think about this and what you are teaching your children.  Please leave your comments below.

“Good Mind Food” a.k.a Encouraging Bible Verses

Here is a list of encouraging bible verses that I have collected over the years and if you scroll down to the bottom I’ve included encouraging bible memes I’ve collected on Pinterest. I call them “Good Mind Food” because these are verses that remind you that God loves you and He is good.  The list continues to grow and I would love to hear how they have encouraged you and if you have suggestions for more to add.   For the sake of saving space I can only give brief excerpts of each passage.

You may have seen how to put these in action if you grabbed a copy of Your 1:Minute Power Prayer, it’s free, all you have to do is enter your email address in the form on the right or at the end of this post.

Encouraging Bible Verses

Let’s Begin in the OT…

Deuteronomy 31:6

“Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.”

Psalm 46:10

“Be still, and know that I AM God…”

Psalm 62:8

“Trust in Him at all times, O people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah.”

Psalm 107:1

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever.”

Psalm 119:106

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Proverbs 22:6

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Isaiah 26:3

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.”

Isaiah 54:1 – 10

vs. 2 – 3 “Enlarge the place of your tent…for you shall expand to the right and to the left, and your descendants will inherit the nations, and make the desolate cities inhabited.”

vs. 7 – 8 “For a mere moment I have forsaken you, but with great mercies I will gather you.  With a little wrath I hid my face from you for a moment; but with everlasting kindness I will have mercy on you, says the Lord, your Redeemer.”

vs. 9 “For this is like the waters of Noah to Me…as I have sworn that the waters of Noah would no longer cover the earth, so have I sworn that I would not be angry with you, nor rebuke you… ”

vs. 10 “My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has mercy on you”

Isaiah 55:1 – 9

vs. 2 “…Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in abundance.”

Isaiah 61:1 – 7

vs. 1 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor…”

vs. 3 “…that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.”

vs. 7 “Instead of your shame you shall have double honor, and instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion…”

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Joel 2:23 – 27

vs. 23 – 24 “Be glad then, you children of Zion… and He will cause the rain to come down for you… the threshing floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.”

vs. 25 – 26 “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten… You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God… and My people shall never be put to shame.

 Encouraging Bible Verses From the NT

Luke 5

The Lord is willing to heal and help you.

Luke 11:25 – 34

vs. 28 “If God so clothes the grass, which today is in the field and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will He clothe you…”

vs. 30 – 31 “For all these things the nations of the world seek after, and your Father knows that you need these things.  But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you”

vs. 32 – 34 “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom… provide for yourselves…a treasure in heaven that does not fail, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys, for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Luke 14:7 – 14

vs. 13 – 14 “But when you give a feast , invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind.  And you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you…”

Hebrews 4:16

“Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

James 5:16

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”

Note: You may notice I don’t give much along the lines of one liners, that’s because I like to gather spiritual food that can provide strength for the journey at hand.  If you’d like to know more about how to study these passages in a way that will provide the most nourishment visit the Strength for the Journey Tool.

Strength Infusing Email Series Uses God’s Word To Set You Free and Build Your Strength!

Email series that uses God’s word to set you free and build your strength!  Learn how to study bible verses to build strength and tear down faith debilitating beliefs so you can endure difficult times and beyond.  Have you ever come to the realization you are in for a longer struggle than you originally thought?  Do you find yourself wondering if He even sees what is going on?  Or that somehow you missed the boat on following His plan?  This 30 day email series will help you when your destination seems like it’s nowhere to be found and you are uncertain to what God is doing.

Weed Out Foundation Weakening Beliefs

Did you know there are stumbling blocks that have been planted from when you were young that you may not be aware of?  These sneaking tumblers are difficult to detect because they are disguised behind your normal life patterns.  They are accepted norms that may be deceptively close to the word of God and can be simple misunderstandings of what God’s word means.

For example, the way that you interpreted Jesus’ dying and coming back from the grave when you were 5 years old may be much different than you would now.  You may, unknowingly, be still holding onto those points of view and there are many more examples like it.  Now, I’m not here to tell you what to think, but I can help you identify these sneaky stumbling blocks and giving you a choice to re-examine them from your current point of view.

Much of “having faith” is having confidence that He loves you and wants to do good things for you regardless of how well you think you fit into His plan.  These ideas may have been eroded or twisted throughout the years and if you are ready to do a little cleaning house then this might be right for you.

This Is Not Just Handing You Bible Verses And Expecting You to Figure Out How To Build Your Own Strength

The Strength for the Journey tool is not just handing you bible verses, although it does that too, but a whole scripture based heart strengthening exercise starts building you up right from the start.  If you are ready to clean out faith hindering ideas while building up your ability to endure and conquer for 30 days, then enter your primary email address below.  The only cost is your time, there is more to this life, you deserve to give yourself a fighting chance sign up now.

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“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.” (Romans 16:20 NAS)

Claim Those Things He Has Already Supplied For You


Come here to take a step out of the boat you’ve been riding through the storms of life.  Swing your leg out onto the waters where only Jesus can help you.  Discover what it is to be a child again totally trusting Him to not only lead you but meet and exceed your every need…