Come here to take a step out of the boat you’ve been riding through the storms of life.  Swing your leg out onto the waters where only Jesus can help you.  Discover what it is to be a child again totally trusting Him to not only lead you but meet and exceed your every need…

Hello, I’m Elisa Rockholt, and I’m so glad you found this place. Let me be the first to say Welcome!  Please take a look around sign up for a few things, find out what we’re about.  There are a few things you should know before you get started:

Purpose of HisFinishedWork.com:

To connect every person to God.  Every believer should be able to speak to the Lord freely and know without a doubt that He (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) wants to hear, know and be involved of every part of our lives.

Tired of Showing Your Qualifications?

Nobody can say they are without sin except Christ so if you are here to be a self-righteous Rock Thrower without any self control, move on, that’s not acceptable here.  No one here is perfect and it’s the goodness of God that leads us to repentance not condemnation.  Jesus came to qualify and include those that were considered sinners through His grace, let’s be an extension of Him.

I’ve personally been reunited with the Lord since 1998 but I’m not a pastor. I’ve attended churches in a variety of denominations ranging from Catholic to Assembly of God.  My family’s church growing up was Methodist, somewhere in high school, I looked around at all that was happening to me, and decided there couldn’t be a God. I didn’t just doubt the Lord’s existence I completely denied the possibility of His existence, yet here I am.  He (the Lord) NEVER let me go but that’s a story for later.

Much Needed: Relief, Release and Peace.

Life is demanding enough and Christianity in today’s world has unfortunately put even more “standards.”  If you find that you are the Standards Police and can’t resist, move on, that’s not acceptable here.  What that means is, we focus on building a foundation in God’s word, discovering the truth that sets us free, and finding the peace that surpasses understanding.  And for the Analytical Pray-er, I’ve included references to studies and statistics there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s how the Lord made you.

I’ve gone from being a minister of God’s word, leading worship and the pastor’s wife’s closest confidant, to walking up to locked church doors.  I’ve stood rejected because I chose to stand by a couple that I felt were treated wrongly.  I was part of the leadership in that church too, and I was left feeling very hurt and confused. Some of you may be thinking, “What went wrong?”, “Why would they do that?”, maybe you have found yourself in a similar situation and you’re struggling with it.  God’s powerful love and tender healing took care of my brokenness and those pastor’s weren’t “perfect,” but that’s okay, because we all need God’s grace.

Looking for a place that connects you to God’s love?

Mercy is the plan.  I once had a dream where I was taken to the War Room, a command center, it was a small room with radars, and buttons and lights on all sorts of screens around the room.  There was a table in the middle and a map, others were gathered around it with me as the Lord explained the plan.  Then He stopped and asked me “do you have enough mercy?” I replied “no, but I can ask for Yours and I know you’ll give it to me.”

In a world that judges, condemns, and invokes fear to manipulate, nothing could be more damaging then building a wall between you and the Lord.  We need the mercy and love of God continuously washing over us, and infused into the very core of our being, to make it through life.

Some of you will read this and run the other way.  That’s fine, I’m not here to instill resentment, or fear, but rather restore, encourage and strengthen those who have been weakened by an obvious plot of the enemy to destroy the church.  I want to change the focus, from pastor/leadership focused to a God-focused church, that’s much more stable. Instead of building a particular church I believe the Lord wants us to focus on the building “The Church.” This accepts different opinions, denominations and qualifications, we’re all different for a reason.

New Or Don’t Know What To Do?

Maybe you are new, or struggling in Christ. Hopefully you will find hope, peace and grace in the content of the pages on this site.  Here you are welcome, and accepted just as you are.  The gospel of Christ was orchestrated by the God of peace.  It was never meant exclude those that would come to the Lord with a humble heart.

That all being said, you may find you are a Rock Thrower, the Standards Police and/or joined the Access Prevention committee at some point.  I’m not here to judge you, I’m just asking that you refrain from stepping into any of those roles here.  If at anytime you find you have, my suggestion is to apologize, ask for forgiveness and try again.  If you aren’t willing to relent, I’m sure there is somewhere else you can haunt.

What Bible version is used here?

The version debate is real, but I’m not going to endorse or condemn any version and I’ll tell you why.  This site was built for the whole body of Christ, if I use a particular version it’s my personal preference, I like the wording or I feel it conveys the message of the text the best.

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged, please share your stories, and show you care, by leaving comments that are more than one word responses.

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