Strength Infusing Email Series Uses God’s Word To Set You Free and Build Your Strength!

Email series that uses God’s word to set you free and build your strength!  Learn how to study bible verses to build strength and tear down faith debilitating beliefs so you can endure difficult times and beyond.  Have you ever come to the realization you are in for a longer struggle than you originally thought?  Do you find yourself wondering if He even sees what is going on?  Or that somehow you missed the boat on following His plan?  This 30 day email series will help you when your destination seems like it’s nowhere to be found and you are uncertain to what God is doing.

Weed Out Foundation Weakening Beliefs

Did you know there are stumbling blocks that have been planted from when you were young that you may not be aware of?  These sneaking tumblers are difficult to detect because they are disguised behind your normal life patterns.  They are accepted norms that may be deceptively close to the word of God and can be simple misunderstandings of what God’s word means.

For example, the way that you interpreted Jesus’ dying and coming back from the grave when you were 5 years old may be much different than you would now.  You may, unknowingly, be still holding onto those points of view and there are many more examples like it.  Now, I’m not here to tell you what to think, but I can help you identify these sneaky stumbling blocks and giving you a choice to re-examine them from your current point of view.

Much of “having faith” is having confidence that He loves you and wants to do good things for you regardless of how well you think you fit into His plan.  These ideas may have been eroded or twisted throughout the years and if you are ready to do a little cleaning house then this might be right for you.

This Is Not Just Handing You Bible Verses And Expecting You to Figure Out How To Build Your Own Strength

The Strength for the Journey tool is not just handing you bible verses, although it does that too, but a whole scripture based heart strengthening exercise starts building you up right from the start.  If you are ready to clean out faith hindering ideas while building up your ability to endure and conquer for 30 days, then enter your primary email address below.  The only cost is your time, there is more to this life, you deserve to give yourself a fighting chance sign up now.

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“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.” (Romans 16:20 NAS)