3 Easy Tips For Beating Negativity With God’s Help

Negativity can become a safety blanket if you aren’t careful, it’s important to know how you are going to tackle it before you find yourself wrapped up in it. When I received a Graham Cooke email (Brilliant Perspectives) about overcoming negativity I thought it was a great opportunity to share these 3 easy tips and […]

3 Take Home Messages To Teach Your Kids About God

I don’t know about you but our lives are crazy busy and, even with church, my husband and I know we need to instill core ideas about God in our children. Many of the sayings and ideas we have swimming around in our minds come from what we heard as a child. They’ve […]

Strength Infusing Email Series Uses God’s Word To Set You Free and Build Your Strength!

Email series that uses God’s word to set you free and build your strength! Learn how to study bible verses to build strength and tear down faith debilitating beliefs so you can endure difficult times and beyond. Have you ever come to the realization you are in for a longer struggle than you […]