Prayer Triage: Find Your Prayer Prescription

Do you find yourself flailing to find the words to pray when you are under a lot of stress? Based on the urgency of your current need, the list below will take you to resources that can help you figure out what to pray, how to pray and how to keep yourself connected to God. […]

Help For When You Are Crying Out “God Help Me!”

If you are crying out for God to help you, take heart, because you’re in the right place. For me, this usually leads to an “I’ll be honest…” moment where I come clean with God about my real feelings of fear and lack of faith. It’s a point of desperation and, while I can’t […]

“Good Mind Food” a.k.a Encouraging Bible Verses

Here is a list of encouraging bible verses that I have collected over the years and if you scroll down to the bottom I’ve included encouraging bible memes I’ve collected on Pinterest. I call them “Good Mind Food” because these are verses that remind you that God loves you and He is good. […]