Prayer Triage: Find Your Prayer Prescription

Prayer Triage- Find Your Prayer PrescriptionDo you find yourself flailing to find the words to pray when you are under a lot of stress?  Based on the urgency of your current need, the list below will take you to resources that can help you figure out what to pray, how to pray and how to keep yourself connected to God.  You’ll find resources like the Emergency Prayer Kit, when you need help right now, the Strength Building Tool, keeps you going for the long haul and Your 1:Minute Power Prayer, easy to do and keeps you connected to the Lord.

What Is Your Level of “God Help Me” On A Scale of 1 to 5?

5.  It’s an emergency, you need God right away!  Head straight over to The Emergency Prayer Kit – Help For When You Are Crying Out “God Help Me!”

4.  Life is stressful for you, maybe a stressful situation popped up at work and you need help staying connected, preferably something easy, that doesn’t take a lot of time.  Introducing… Your 1:Minute Power Prayer.

3.  You are under some stress but you really just want something to keep you centered and focused on His love.  Then “Good Mind Food” might work for you, it is a collection of encouraging bible verses.

2.  There is ongoing, long-term stress, you didn’t think was going to take as long as it has to get through or you can just tell, you are in for a long haul.  You should consider the Strength Building Tool, it’s 30 days of emails that help you locate potential stumbling blocks that may actually be contributing to your stress.  At the same time, you’ll be receiving all sorts of ways to connect with Lord on a deeper, more personal level.

 1.  You don’t have an urgent situation but there are things on your mind that give you some concern.  Maybe it’s how to pray that concerns you or the whole idea of praying to God either way, it sounds like subscribing to The Fresh Connection would be the right choice for you.

You’ll get answers to common questions about praying, explore ways to get God involved in your life, discover whether memorizing scriptures is really the best thing for you and debunk the myth about praying “enough.”  To sign up click on the box below, fill in your email address in the box down below this post and click “Sign Me Up!”


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