Your 1 Minute Power Prayer

Do you need a way to pray that infuses God’s power Got time for a minute with the Lord? Here's how to spend it to make the most of your time.into your life without the stress of what to say or guilt for not praying enough?  If you ever find yourself putting off praying until you have “enough” time or until you can find the “right” verse then you may want to give this a try.  Maybe your prayers aren’t as effective as you’d like them to be, the truth is your prayer life shouldn’t be stressful or bring guilt and shame.  Read on to find out why it’s not your fault.

It’s hard to hear those people that seem to have all the prayer time in the world or at least seem to be getting better results without at least wondering what you’re doing wrong.  It doesn’t make sense that your relationship with the Lord would make you feel worse.  Would a loving God and Father really want you to be stressed out about talking to Him? Of course not.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change all of that and actually feel good about your relationship with the King of kings?  You see, as I said earlier, it’s not your fault if you don’t fit someone else’s perfect prayer mold.  You were made to be unique and special, that’s not a bad thing, the bible says you are wonderfully and marvelously made by Him!

Here is what people have said about this powerful prayer:

“Wow that’s fantastic!! I love [Your 1:Minute Power Prayer]. Short, easy to consume, powerful!!” Diego L.

“I love how unintimidating it is to do.” Venisha M.

Life demands a lot from you, finding the time to connect with the Lord, align your thoughts with His and allowing Him to renew your strength, is vital.  That’s why I’m trying to help you, by putting together a power packed prayer that can be easily done anywhere.  When you need to change it up, that’s easy to do too.  I’ve taken the work out of finding scriptures that will encourage and strengthen you in the Lord.  Then I included a life hack that I personally use to remind me to take a minute out of my day, whenever I can, to pray.

Your 1:Minute Power Prayer was written to help you conquer common hurdles to your prayer time such as:

  • No more worrying about having the right words to pray.
  • Doesn’t require memorizing or finding scriptures.
  • Not having enough time? This only takes a minute!
  • No need to be alone, this can be done anywhere!

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