7 Ways God Helps You Rid Yourself of Crushing Stress

Let’s be honest, we all find ourselves falling prey to stress in at least one area of life, why not figure out how to get God’s help. Although, if you’re like me it could be a few more than just one. And since everyone deals with stress differently I thought it would be best to […]

Prayer Triage: Find Your Prayer Prescription

Do you find yourself flailing to find the words to pray when you are under a lot of stress? Based on the urgency of your current need, the list below will take you to resources that can help you figure out what to pray, how to pray and how to keep yourself connected to God. […]

Your 1 Minute Power Prayer

Do you need a way to pray that infuses God’s power into your life without the stress of what to say or guilt for not praying enough? If you ever find yourself putting off praying until you have “enough” time or until you can find the “right” verse then you may want to give this […]

3 Take Home Messages To Teach Your Kids About God

I don’t know about you but our lives are crazy busy and, even with church, my husband and I know we need to instill core ideas about God in our children. Many of the sayings and ideas we have swimming around in our minds come from what we heard as a child. They’ve […]

“Good Mind Food” a.k.a Encouraging Bible Verses

Here is a list of encouraging bible verses that I have collected over the years and if you scroll down to the bottom I’ve included encouraging bible memes I’ve collected on Pinterest. I call them “Good Mind Food” because these are verses that remind you that God loves you and He is good. […]

Strength Infusing Email Series Uses God’s Word To Set You Free and Build Your Strength!

Email series that uses God’s word to set you free and build your strength! Learn how to study bible verses to build strength and tear down faith debilitating beliefs so you can endure difficult times and beyond. Have you ever come to the realization you are in for a longer struggle than you […]

Claim Those Things He Has Already Supplied For You

Come here to take a step out of the boat you’ve been riding through the storms of life. Swing your leg out onto the waters where only Jesus can help you. Discover what it is to be a child again totally trusting Him to not only lead you but meet and exceed your every […]